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Established in 2003 by Stan House and Roger Rumsey, 4 Sharp Corners is the world's largest seller of PSA-graded sports cards. We offer the largest variety and inventory of graded sports cards available anywhere. On ebay, we have established a history of unparalleled customer service. Now, on 4sharpcorners.com, collectors can enjoy that same inventory and level of customer service. We hope you enjoy the site and would welcome recommendations for its improvement and for ways we can better serve your collecting needs.


Save 14% on all PSA 8's, BGS 8's, SGC 88's; 10% off everything else!

This week we are offering 14% off our ebay prices* on most PSA 8/8.5's, BGS 8/8.5's, SGC 88/92's AND 10% off all other cards graded lower! Don't forget that we are still adding National invenorty everyday as it comes in. Make sure to check back often!

Sale ends midnight 08-20-17

National Inventory still posting

Don't forget, all this week NEW, FRESH inventory from The National posting hourly. 14% and 10% sale applies to these items! Lots of savings to be had.

For more details or to sign up, email us at website@4sharpcorners.com


Search by Team Name!

In our ongoing effort to better serve your collecting needs, we are trying to include team names in as many of our new item titles as possible.  You can now search for your favorite team by typing the team name into our search bar (example: Red Sox, Patriots, Celtics, Bruins).  This includes all American professional sports teams in Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey.  We hope you enjoy the upgrade!