Selling to 4 Sharp Corners

One of the most common questions we get is “where do you get so many amazing cards?” The answer is simple – we buy lots of cards. LOTS and LOTS of cards! We have to go through an incredible amount of inventory to find all the high-grade items we have up for sale. We are able to acquire the inventory we need because we are very aggressive buyers of quality material – which allows us to buy from collectors and dealers alike. We also take pride in making our transactions quick, honest and fair which in turn leads to a lot of repeat business. Please give us an opportunity to buy from you if you have something to sell! Please complete THIS FORM or email us at

With the dwindling supply and escalating price of vintage unopened material, high-grade sets and set runs are our primary source of high-grade cards from 1980 and earlier. We are ALWAYS buying high-grade sets, partial sets, lots and hoards from all 4 major sports as well as non-sport cards. Whether you have a set run from 1952 to present, or one nice set from 1972, please contact us if you are looking to sell.
Vintage unopened material has been one of the hottest segments in the hobby over the last decade with prices climbing at an almost exponential rate. While we are, of course, interested in buying this material we are also actively seeking unopened from 1985 to present. We buy wax, rack and factory set cases from all 4 major sports and are willing to take on huge accumulations of very diverse products. Some of our recent buys include: 40 cello cases of 1981 Coca-Cola baseball, 20 cases of 1989 Upper Deck baseball factory sets, 8 cases of 1988 Topps football wax, and 12 cases of 1990 Score hockey factory sets – just to name a few! Not a day goes by that we don’t get a call or email about all kinds of unopened product. If you have something to sell, please contact us.
While most of our graded inventory is self-submitted, we also actively buy PSA Set Registries. Auction houses like to flaunt flashy sales of ultra-rare and high-grade specimens, but the truth is auction results on common cards are often much less favorable to the seller. Selling to us allows collectors to control what they realize on their entire collection without the uncertainty and extended timeline of the auction process. We typically issue payment for PSA sets within 24 hours of receipt and pay very aggressive prices.