New to Buying Graded Cards?

For many collectors, the idea of buying professionally graded cards can be very foreign at first. Why would I need my cards to be professionally graded? Since the beginning of collecting, there has been a conflict of interest between buyer and seller (or between two kids making a trade) as to the condition of the cards being exchanged. If you have collected long enough, you have probably had the experience of buying a “near mint” card from one dealer only to be told the card is “excellent” when you go to sell it to another. And with the rise of the internet, where most transactions no longer take place in person, the additional question of authenticity can come into play. Enter third-party professional grading companies – with the goals of 1) protecting the consumer as to the authenticity and unaltered state of cards and 2) facilitating transactions by assigning a condition to cards applying standards that are widely accepted throughout the hobby. In essence, these companies seek to guarantee that “you get what you pay for” and should you need or want to sell at some point, there will be greater liquidity and certainty of value when you do. At 4 Sharp Corners, we primarily use PSA – easily the most widely used and accepted professional authentication and grading service – to grade our cards. In doing so we believe we add value not only to our own inventory but add value for the collectors that purchase it.

About our brand

Established in 2003 by Stan House and Roger Rumsey, 4 Sharp Corners is the world’s largest seller of PSA-graded sports cards. Over the course of the last 20 years, we have submitted more cards to PSA (over 3.5 million and counting!) than any other company in history and we continue to offer the largest variety and inventory of graded sports cards available anywhere. From pre-war to modern, baseball player sets to Star Wars and Pokemon, we have assisted hobbyists in building their collections and completing their PSA Set Registries. As lifelong collectors ourselves, we understand the diversity of the collecting community and the “thrill of the hunt” for finding the most elusive pieces of a set or project. We will always work to deliver great cards and service to fellow collectors.