Introducing 4 Sharp Corners Elite

Any card receiving a 4 Sharp Corners Elite designation will be a visually stunning example that immediately suggests the card may be undergraded. While a 4 Sharp Corners Elite card will be superior in most respects to other cards of similar assigned grade, there will be a particular focus on centering with each example displaying centering characteristics that would qualify it for at least one grade higher than the assigned grade (with the exception of gem mint examples). The 4 Sharp Corners Elite designation is not available for purchase and will be granted only at the discretion of the experts of 4 Sharp Corners based on decades of experience and millions of cards handled.

Each 4 Sharp Corners Elite card will have a unique, non-transferable holographic sticker affixed with a certification number that can be verified in the search bar below. Each card can also be verified by scanning the QR code on the holographic sticker with a mobile device.